September wrap up and the first month of Parsecs & Parchment! (Kinda)

Ok so it’s technically only been eleven days since the blog went live but I like the idea of a monthly wrap up and it’s nice to take stock of how it went.

One of the reasons I started Parsecs & Parchment was to get me to read more. I used to read around a book a week, probably fewer. And this month I read 6 books, so an early improvement!

Of those, I’ve already posted reviews of Gareth Powell’s EMBERS OF WAR (as well as a very enjoyable interview with Gareth), Jeannette Ng’s UNDER THE PENDULUM SUN and THE LAST WISH by Andrzej Sapkowski, the first book in The Witcher series.

I binged FLEET OF KNIVES immediately after I finished Embers of War and that review will be up this week. I also got started on Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy with THE BLADE ITSELF and I want to give a shout out to Hiu over at The Fantasy Inn and Petrik from Novel Notions for being the ones to finally get me to read it because HOLY SHIT is that a good book! The next two instalments are on my list for this month and I’m planning on posting reviews of all three back to back once I’m done, so watch this space.

I also read THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy and honestly I need to take some time to stare at a wall and parse just how devastating this book was. A rare five star rating from me, I’m still trying to put into words how exactly I felt about it. Even some of my best reads of the past few years get four star ratings because I reserve the full five stars for works I consider to be borderline genius. THE ROAD is borderline genius.

I’m currently re-reading Tade Thompson’s ROSEWATER while I eagerly await ROSEWATER REDEMPTION, the final book in his Wormwood trilogy. I actually haven’t got round to the second instalment yet, so ROSEWATER INSURRECTION is next on my list, so I’m all up to date by the time Redemption comes out on October 15th.

I plan on doing some more re-reads this month, notably of the first two books in Myke Cole’s Sacred Throne series. I read THE ARMORED SAINT and THE QUEEN OF CROWS at the start of this year but definitely want to review them for the blog and just refresh my memory ahead of the release of THE KILLING LIGHT in November and I definitely think that warrants a re-read.

There’s a ton more stuff I’ve got planned, books to read and series to complete, but I want to keep this update fairly short.

Thank you to everyone who has read and shared the reviews, followed the blog and generally made me feel welcome in the book community, I’m genuinely looking forward to sharing more reviews and chatting with you all in the future 🙂

Check out this month’s reviews, interviews and posts.

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Review: THE LAST WISH by Andrzej Sapkowski

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