October Wrap Up and November TBR

Happy weekend booklings! Spooky Season is over already but I got to read some great books in October. I devoured every book in Tade Thompson’s ground-breaking WORMWOOD TRILOGY; I made progress in The Witcherverse with the second short story collection, SWORD OF DESTINY; finally read FAHRENHEIT 451 and delved into some classic horror with Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY.

Lots of folks are getting hyped about Sci-Fi month for November but I kinda did things backwards and read a lot of science fiction in the months leading up to it; this month I’ll actually be reading fantasy exclusively – and all of them old books at that (I feel like I’m developing a reputation here haha).

My November TBR is largely composed of books I want to read ahead of some awesome-looking TV adaptations. That means I’ll be starting on a re-read of the HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy and embarking on the first Witcher novel, BLOOD OF ELVES. I mean, just look at the trailers for these series and tell me they don’t give you chills.

His Dark Materials

I used to think it was The Hobbit that was my gateway to fantasy, but actually I read Philip Pullman’s NORTHERN LIGHTS a few years before that. When I realised that fantasy wasn’t limited to elves, goblins and dragons it dawned on me that Northern Lights was actually my first love and I’m so excited to read this series again. The Witcher books have been fine so far and the short story format has hinted at some interesting tidbits that I hope we get to sink our teeth into in the novel-length books. Finally I’ll be reading DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT as part of a readalong hosted by Jason from Off The TBR. I read this book as a young teenager but can’t remember much about it so looking forward to the re-read. Get in touch with Jason if you want to take part.

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