Hey! Watcha Readin’: 29/04/2020

Hey bookwyrms, welcome to the return of Hey! Watcha Readin’, my weekly reading update inspired by the WWW Wednesday meme hosted by Taking On A World Of Words. Apparently I’m well and truly back on the blogging train and I used to love this as a fun way for you folks to keep tabs on what I’ve been reading – and also really just a way for me to squee or moan in advance of a full write up and to slyly get more book recs in the comments. So let’s hop to it!

Recently Finished: BAPTISM OF FIRE (THE WITCHER #3) by Andrzej Sapkowski

If you’ve been following me for a while and have read my reviews of the previous Witcher books, you’re gonna know I have some mixed ol’ feelings about this series. I want to like it, I really do! The story and world is so gripping and the concept so interesting, but man the writing is just baaaad. Yes yes I know it’s partly down to problems translating from the original Polish (many, many people tell me this every time I mention my issues with Sapkowski’s writing) but there’s a lot more wrong with this one than just translation stuff. I was getting prematurely excited because each successive addition to The Witcher series so far has improved on the last book, but this one was definitely a step back. Meandering plot, choppy structure (Sapkowski is an over-zealous advocate of a pointless flashback scene) and two short story collections and three novels in, a lacklustre protagonist (Geralt is boring – there, I said it). Anyway, I sense I’m about to launch into a treatise on how despondently underwhelmed I’ve been by this series, but let’s save that for the full review eh?

Currently Reading: THE SHINING by Stephen King

Now this is a baller of a book! I can’t remember ever being scared of a book (at least not the contents – my mam owned a copy of James Herbert’s The Fog displaying a severed head on the cover that I was terrified of as a kid) but The Shining actually has me shitting my metaphorical pants. I actually have a project to read the entirety of Stephen King’s back catalogue in order and this is the first one I’ve got to that I’ve felt is more than just a decent read. I thought Carrie was ok, Pet Sematary (which I read out of order) and Salem’s Lot were fun reads, if nothing special, but The Shining is a legit fantastic book. I’m about 2/3 of the way through so will likely finish today or tomorrow. Then I’m tempted to rewatch the Kubrick film afterwards hehe.

Next Read?:

Ahh THE TETHERED MAGE. Such a great book. This will be a re-read for me and is probably exactly the palette-cleanser I’ll be needing after sending myself into nervous paranoid state after The Shining. I read this a couple of years back, before I started the blog, and want to review the entire series here because I loved it so much. If you haven’t read this book, it’s a YA fantasy set in a renaissance-era, Venetian-inspired secondary world and it’s got warlocks, court drama and political intrigue in spades. And Melissa Caruso just knows how to spin a tale that keeps you hooked and on the edge of your seat. I actually never got round to reading the final book of the trilogy either, so this marks the beginning of my attempt to finish the Swords and Fire Series. I have made a jubilant return to the chaotic world of mood reading though, so this final section is always gonna be subject to change.

Anyway, there you have it gang, my exultant return to Hey! Watcha Readin’. Please please please let me know what you’re reading in the comments, I’m such a hog for book recs and just generally chatting about what books my pals have their noses in, so don’t be shy. Catch you next week.

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  1. Before the TV show of The Witcher aired on Netflix I tried to read the first book in the series, The Last Wish, and stopped around the third story because neither the writing nor the characters met my tastes, and there was a lot of telling vs. showing. I’m aware of the problems inherent in translations and will give this series a chance again, maybe with one of the full books, but for now I’m not feeling very much inclined to do so…

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    1. Yeah, they really aren’t the best books lol. I do wanna find out what happens on the story though so I’m gonna continue to read them all. After two short story collections and three novels I think I’m in it for the long haul.

      I’d never tell anyone not to read something, but I don’t think I’d go around reccing these books, not when there’s so much other awesome stuff out there.

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