April Wrap Up

Even though Wyrd and Wonder is in full swing the regular show must go on. Except for when I didn’t do a Wrap Up for March cos I was in a slump. No one ever said I was consistent. I read two books in March, one being a short story magazine and the other Karl Marx’s account of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. While Herr Marx is always a delightful read, I didn’t think he quite fits with the Science Fiction & Fantasy theme of the blog (queue the right wing jokes). Thankfully, my reading slump is over and I read a bunch in April, so here it is, the long-awaited April Wrap Up.

These books are displayed in the order I read them but I wanna start with JADE WAR by Fonda Lee, cos this series is ***THE BEST*** fiction I’ve ever read. It’s the second book in The Green Bone Saga and the sequel to JADE CITY (check out my review of that here). Full review is lined up for next week. I haven’t made a post about this yet, but SALEM’S LOT was the first step on me embarking on a project to read Stephen King’s entire back catalogue in order. I’d already read CARRIE and PET SEMATARY (the latter not being in publication order, but whatevs). SALEM’S LOT was good, quite creepy and an enjoyable read, though nothing in my first three King books has blown me away. ROSEMARY’S BABY was fine. Whatever. Old horror book. Not worth talking about in detail.

The Dresden Files! So many people love this series and yet I didn’t even know what it was about. Suffice to say, when I found out it was crime noir about a freelance wizard investigator I literally bought STORM FRONT the same day and devoured it. Super fun. Having been successfully introduced to the urban fantasy genre I then moved on to UNDER ORDSHAW by Phil Williams. I read this as part of the Storytellers on Tour blog tour and you can read my review here. SHADOW STAINED was actually a paranormal romance, a genre I really do not read ordinarily, but this was pretty cool and even though I wouldn’t say I’m about to start devouring paranormal romance books, there’s certainly a lot to enjoy in this book for fans of the genre. Check out my review.

Ahh Sapkowksi, my old frenemy. I have such a love/hate relationship with The Witcher books. None of them have been very good so far, but there have been glimpses in some of them of potential I really wish he’s meet consistently. BAPTISM OF FIRE was a damp squib for me. Definite step backwards after TIME OF CONTEMPT. My next Stephen King read however, really gave me something to enjoy (and also shit my pants over). THE SHINING is fucking awesome. This is the first and only book I can say has ever actually scared me. Almost glad I don’t have a physical copy otherwise that thing would be going in the freezer!

There you have it bookwyrms, my April Wrap Up. I mentioned I’m taking part in Wyrd and Wonder in this, the month of May, so keep your eyes peeled for some cool posts coming your way. I’m considering an attempt at daily posts this month, but I’ll just see whether that actually materialises. In the meantime Happy Reading nerds.

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  1. If you’re interested in more Urban Fantasy, I also recommend the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs. There’s somewhat of a romance element, but it’s less front and center than the author’s other series (it takes several books for the two leads to get together). Mostly it’s about a woman who’s a mechanic who can also shape-shift into a coyote who keeps getting tangled up in supernatural affairs -partially because she lives next door to the alpha of the local werewolf pack.

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  2. Oh, great books!! I might push ‘Jade City’ up on my wishlist 😬 i’ve had a sample sitting on my kindle for a while now. Will try to get to it this month.

    ‘Shining’ is one of my favorite King novels! 🙏🏻 So good and spooky!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Dresden novel! I loved 1&2 but felt the next volumes were kinda different stages of ‘meh’
    Until book 8 which was my favourite so far! Am at the start of 10 now 😬 so glad I always came back to them

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    1. I can’t comprehend how good Jade City and Jade War are, they’re just geniusly we’ll-written books. So engrossing.

      The Shining was great. The first King novel that really made me sit up and think “Yeah this is a really good book”. Gonna read Rage next then on to The Stand, which I have high expectations for.

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