Hey! Watcha Readin’: Weekly Reading Update 13/05/2020

Welcome to another Wednesday bookwyrms. This week the update is actually on time. Not much in the way of an intro today, so let’s just dive in to what I’ve had my nose in this past week.

Recently Finished: FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson Bennett
So this isn’t strictly true. I never got to the point of finishing FOUNDRYSIDE because (oh boy this isn’t gonna be popular) I really hated this book. I keep feeling the urge to apologise because it’s so beloved in the bookish community that I almost feel guilty about it. Then I remember “No. It’s fine. I’m allowed to not like it”. I got about a third of the way through and had to set it aside before it made me hate reading so much I fell victim to a dreaded slump. I’m not DNFing though, I am gonna go back to it and see how things pan out after a little break.

Currently Reading: AMBERLOUGH by Lara Elena Donnelly
For those of you following my Wyrd & Wonder shenanigans, this wasn’t on the list of books I flagged to read this month, but I got thinking about it again after including it in my list of Books I Can’t Wait To Read. So I picked it up like twenty seconds after setting Foundryside aside. And reader, it was like a tonic. A rejuvenating, life-giving tonic. It’s so good so far. It’s a fantasy spy thriller about cabaret performers moonlighting as smugglers in a country on the brink of a fascist coup. Can’t wait to really get stuck into this one.

Next Read: KINGS OF THE WYLD by Nicholas Eames
I said this last week too and put it off in favour of Amberlough, but still planning on picking up KINGS OF THE WYLD as soon as possible. For those who didn’t read my update last week, or are otherwise unfamiliar with KINGS OF THE WYLD, it’s basically about a mercenary band, well past their prime, who get the band back together for ‘one last tour’. Think middle-aged dad rock band having a midlife crisis and getting the boys back together. It just sounds fun, you know?

If you want to take part in WWW Wednesday, hosted by Taking on a World of Words, just answer the following questions:

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8 thoughts on “Hey! Watcha Readin’: Weekly Reading Update 13/05/2020

Add yours

  1. Foundryside is next on my reading list, so I have no comment on it, but I know how you feel about not liking something that EVERYONE likes. If I could dropkick Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself off the face of the planet, I’d do it. But I hate when my personal taste diverges so far from popular consensus because it feels really isolating. I hope Kings of the Wyld works better for you. That’s an upcoming TBR for me as well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh, a million things–most notably nothing happened, the women were all insulting caricatures, no one was interesting and there was nothing innovative about it. I read the spoilers for the trilogy and was glad I stopped when I did. I was so mad I ranted at a friend for 3 days straight. I feel an irrational sense of betrayal when a book is beloved by everyone and I read it and it falls flat. I think that’s what made me so mad, lol.

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        1. They’re all very fair points. I’ve only read that first book in the series and I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I do agree it’s far from the genius a lot of people consider it to be.


  2. I’m sorry Foundryside did not work for you, but there is no need to feel guilty: I know what it means to read a book everyone raves about and not liking it – as I’m fond of saying, it’s a matter of… chemistry: either the formula works or it doesn’t 🙂
    I hope that Kings of the Wyld will prove a more positive experience!

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  3. Looking forward to your thoughts on Amberlough! I have both that and Foundryside in my TBR, hopefully to read soon. So sorry that Foundryside didn’t work for you. Hope you enjoy your next read!

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