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Happy Sunday bookwyrms, hope you’re all having a lovely book-filled weekend. And hey, thanks so much for all the blogiversary well wishes, I was overwhelmed by all you fine folks getting in touch, you’re the best.

And on that note, having taken a week off to recover from the madness of the blog’s birthday week, I’m happy to say I’ve been busy preparing a new and improved schedule for Parsecs & Parchment! Long term followers probably know I’m not the most organised of bloggers haha. I have a very haphazard approach to what I post and when – a review here, an update there and no consistent days or schedule to set your watch by. But that’s all about to change!

So what can you look forward to from P&P in the future?

First off, the bread and butter of the blog isn’t changing; the backbone of the blog is still gonna be the much-beloved stalwart of the blogging community, the hardy book review, all meat and potatoes like. Only difference is I’ll be posting them on a regular schedule (get me, right?). So you can look forward to at least one review a week, posted every Thursday, and should I start building up a glut of backlogged reviews there may even be some super special bonus posts from time to time if you just can’t get enough review goodness.

Second (and I’ve been thinking about this for a while) I’ll be starting a Comic Club that I’ll be hosting at least once a month on a Tuesday, where I try and work my way through the significant pile of graphic novels and trade paperback comic collections that make up a significant chunk of my TBR. One post a month is a minimum so if I get really into something for a while there could well be some bonus posts here too.

Third, author interviews! In my head I wanted this to be a feature from the blog’s inception, but I just wasn’t organised enough to make it a regular thing. You can still check out my interview with the wonderful Gareth L. Powell, author of the superb Embers of War books, that I did back in September 2019. I’ve already got an interview lined up with Deck Matthews, author of The Riven Realm series, and lots of ideas for other authors I’d like to collar for a chat, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

On top of that I’ll still be posting my reading updates whenever I’ve got new stuff to talk about, as well as a periodic non-fiction edition that readers responded to very positively when I did this as a one-off a few months back. I’ll also be creating an archive page where you can easily access past reviews, as well as commissioning a custom logo for the site now I’ve proven I’m in it for the long haul. I’ve also been toying with the idea of a total cosmetic overhaul, though I’m still not sure about that. I actually like the minimalist aesthetic I’ve got going at the mo, but it does bug me that the homepage doesn’t have a layout that displays a bunch of recent posts in tidy little boxes for easy browsing. And finally, I quite like the idea of committed followers getting to know me a bit better. I do think my personality shines through in my writing somewhat but I think once a month I’m gonna start doing a round up of the month gone by, what I’ve read and reviewed, but also just a little bit about what’s been going on with me for those who might be interested. I know a few other bloggers who do this and I personally like it a lot, makes the community we’re part of feel that much more friendly and accessible, you know 🙂

That’s about it for now. There are a couple other things that I’d quite like to do, but at the risk of taking on too much at once I’m gonna hold back on them for now. In the meantime I hope you enjoy all the juicy goodness you can look forward to squeezing out of Parsecs & Parchment in the near future. Happy reading bookwyrms!

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  1. Ooo, I’m interested in your Comic Club, that sounds like a lot of fun!
    And I hope you don’t mind me asking: how did you score your interviews with Powell and Matthews? I am in awe! 😃

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    1. Yeah I’m really excited for it! Thinking of Locke & Key for the first one cos it’s a series I’ve been meaning to finish for ages.

      Re the interviews I just DM’ed them on Twitter. Probs wouldn’t recommend that method though cos I think some authors can understandably get a bit funny about DMs but a) when I asked Gareth Powell I didn’t know any better and b) with Deck being self-published I didn’t really know of any other way to contact him. From what I’ve learned since it’s usually best to go through official channels (espesh for traditionally published authors) like publishers, agents or submission forms on websites, unless you have a direct relationship already.


  2. Honestly, it’s taken me the whole year to come up with a system that works for me. I too post a review every Thursday (although now I’m getting a bit backed up. I may be dumping a ton of stuff into December.) What I did was take a whole month off and used it to write and schedule 6 weeks of posts. So now I’m running about two months ahead of schedule in terms of post writing, and it works really well to keep me from feeling scattered and stressed about blogging.

    I love the comic club idea! I honestly would like to read more graphic novels and would be interested in seeing some reviews.

    Good luck with your plans!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly I’m still working things out; no idea how long I’ll even stick with this a schedule haha. I am excited for the comic club though, my graphic novel reading has fell to much by the wayside this year.


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