State of the Blog 2: Electric Blogaloo

Hey bookwyrms, I’m gonna cut straight to the chase here cos I’m actually not really in the writing mood today, just wanted to give a quick update. Regular readers probably read my State of the Blog post a few weeks back, where I talked about how I was planning on having a regular schedule of reviews and whatnot. Yeaaahhhh, I’ve already done a complete U-Turn on that.

Turns out that’s not how I like to blog. And I knew that already, but for whatever reason I decided “hey, pumping out content for your hobby blog even when you don’t feel like writing” would be a great idea. But it’s not. I’ve sat down a couple times this week to write a review that, according to my regular schedule, is ‘due’ tomorrow. But I didn’t feel like writing it. Truth be told I haven’t been doing much reading or writing lately; not cos I’m in a slump or anything, I’ve just been watching shitty reality TV with my girlfriend and playing video games. I just wanted to do other things, and that’s fine. As I sat there trying to force out a review and not enjoying myself very much, I just thought why am I doing this?

This is my hobby, it’s supposed to be fun. And it is! I love blogging and reviewing books and chatting to fellow bloggers and readers about what we’re all reading. But sometimes I want to watch that shitty reality TV or play a video game or go for a walk. I’m much happier and much more comfortable being a casual blogger, rather than forcing myself to churn out content for readers who I know don’t mind either way.

I actually felt pretty guilty for a while about writing this post, given that barely a few weeks ago I promised readers ‘regular’ content, so for a while longer I tried squeezing blood from the proverbial stone to get that review finished and posted for tomorrow. I wasted another hour sitting in front of my computer feeling shitty about it before I realised my readers don’t mind whether or not I’m posting on a regular schedule. It literally doesn’t matter. And if I’m not enjoying my hobby, what’s the point of doing it?

So that’s that. I am still gonna be posting, but only when I feel like it. And if that means sometimes there’s a glut of content for a week and then I go for a while without posting anything, then so be it. On the plus side I’m still gonna be doing everything else I mentioned, including the author interviews and Comic Club (I’m really excited about that one), I’ll just be doing it on an irregular schedule. And hey, all that means is every morning when you wake up you’ll have the excitement of wondering whether there’s a new Parsecs & Parchment post to read! Happy reading bookwyrms.

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    1. I guess it’s an assumption I’m making. But I’m a small blog and I have a direct relationship with most of my readers. I speak with them fairly regularly and from what I can tell I think most of them would prefer me to blog in the way that makes me happy and wouldn’t mind at all.

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  1. This reader totally doesn’t mind. I subscribe to blogs I think I’ll enjoy reading, and when I get an email telling me there’s a new post, I go check it out. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s been two days or two weeks or two months since the last post by that blogger, and I certainly am not keeping track. I wholeheartedly support the notion that you should post when you WANT to post!

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  2. Good for you! It’s very easy to get caught up in that “I must write this review” trap and end up struggling and hating the whole thing.
    As you say, this is a hobby, and if you’re not having fun, why bother?
    I look forward to your posts as and when you feel like posting. 😃

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    1. Yeah it started feeling like too much pressure almost immediately and I don’t want to end up resenting something I do for fun. Looking forward to reverting to business as usual ☺️

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  3. The words “must do” and “hobby” rarely – if ever – go well together, so don’t feel guilty for wanting to enjoy other activities besides reading and writing posts: if you take the fun out of a hobby, you lose its main reason of existence after all… 😉
    It could be useful (or at least it is to me) to have a few already-written reviews set aside to tide you over those times when you want to indulge in other pastimes: it works beautifully!

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  4. Better to give it a shot and realize it’s not working, than to force yourself to stick with it! You’re right that your readers probably don’t mind. TBH, I have no idea if anyone I follow posts on a regular schedule… I just keep an eye out for content in my feed that I might like to read 🙂

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    1. So true about not keeping track, I have now idea if the bloggers I follow have a regular schedule either. Chances are nobody would even have noticed if I didn’t say anything haha. I also think it’s important in general for us all to reclaim our hobbies from the pressures of social media.

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  5. Hooray for healthy attitudes to blogging as a hobby! I flirt with schedules, but it’s always liberating to remember _we do this for fun_ so I like to consider them more like aspirations than commitments (except for rare exceptions such as an occasional blog tour). I absolutely don’t have expectations of how often my fellow bloggers post – I’m happy to enjoy your posts as and when they happen, and am very happy to follow people who only post a couple of times a month (or even a year)… in fact, it probably means I read a higher percentage of the posts as I never manage to keep up with the folks who manage to write multiple posts a week on a regular basis 😉

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    1. A lot of the time I feel like we need to reclaim our hobbies from the pressures of performing them publicly on social media. Doing something fun for it’s own sake and just for yourself is one of the most liberating things we can do ☺️

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  6. I’ve found the best way to approach blogging is to just do it when I’m in the mood! Sometimes I get on a roll and I’m able to schedule out a lot of posts all at once and that leaves me some room for when I’m not in the mood for a week or whatever. This is a hobby so at the end of the day you have to keep it fun even though it’s a lot of work and don’t put pressure on yourself!

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    1. I need to learn how to schedule posts haha. Usually I’m too eager to just write, finish and kiss but it would be super useful to have a few posts ‘in the bag’ for those times when I’m just not feeling it. Thanks Lisa ☺️

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