Blog overhaul AND a brand new logo!

I overhauled the blog! Finally (FINALLY!) you can browse all the latest posts on the homepage. This has been my dream ever since I launched the site and now I’ve lived to see it become reality. I’m weeping with joy here, it’s the most emotional I’ve been since the end of the Vox Machina Critical Role campaign (yes I wept, what of it).

Lo! No longer must you travel-weary blog hoppers trawl through an infinite scroll of old blog posts to behold the wonder of my latest reviews and updates. No more are you subject to the tyrannical whims of the Dark Lord of poorly formatted WordPress themes, for he is vanquished and cast into the shadowy depths from whence he came.

And now that we’re free of his rule, a new king has risen to defend us. Behold his glory, a brand new custom logo! (I even made this myself, not gonna lie I’m canny proud of it).

I do have a few other little aesthetic tweaks I’d like to make, but it’s fair to say a new age has begun. The age of tedium is over. The age of wonder has begun.

If you’re not already following the blog there’s never been a better time to start! Old posts are easily navigable and everything’s getting an aesthetic overhaul. Like fantasy, science fiction and the occasional dash of horror? Then follow the blog and never miss a post!

9 thoughts on “Blog overhaul AND a brand new logo!

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  1. Ooh, I love this new layout! I did need to go through your reviews once or twice for whatever reason, and I do remember kind of just doing an infinite scroll, haha. Everything looks great now!

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    1. I hated it so much before! I liked the minimalist vibe of the theme I’d picked, but it absolutely would not let me lay out the home page how I wanted. Was always too scared to start messing on with different themes in case everything went tits up but finally decided enough was enough.

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