The Great Series Read Project Launch (Part 1)

So, inspired by Caitlin’s long-running Great Series Read project over at Realms Of My Mind, I’ve decided I need to get a handle on all the unfinished series I have on the go. As you’ll see from the sheer number of books in this post, I have a lot of series on the go right now. And this is just part one, cos there ended up being too many to include in a single post! Anyway, I’m gonna keep the nattering to a minimum, but long story short, my plan to try and make progress on some of these series is to read at least one book a month from among the many series I have on the go and to have a bit of a soft rule about not starting any more series until at least a few of these are completed. Doesn’t sound like much, and yes it will take me literal years just to read them, but I don’t like putting too much pressure on myself and it’ll certainly be more progress than I’m making at the moment. So without further ado, here is part one of my Great Series Read Project launch!

Swords and Fire by Melissa Caruso – 2/3 books read

The Sacred Throne by Myke Cole – 2/3 books read

Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez – 1/8 books read

Remembrance of Earth’s Past by Cixin Liu – 1/3 books read

The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski – 6/8 books read

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher – 1/17 books read

The Amberlough Dossier by Lara Elena Donnelly – 1/3 books read

Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie – 2/33 books read

Philip Marlowe by Raymond Chandler – 1/12 books read

The Riven Realm by Deck Matthews – 1/3 books read

Secret File by Len Deighton- 1/19 books read

The Centenal Cycle by Malka Older – 1/3 books read

War for the Rose Throne by Peter McLean – 2/3 books read

Ordshaw by Phil Williams – 1/3 books read

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6 thoughts on “The Great Series Read Project Launch (Part 1)

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    1. The Three Body problem is excellent. It’s the book that made me realise hard sci-fi can be enjoyable. It’s weird and complicated and gets a bit bonkers, I really liked it.


  1. That is a LOT of series! I’ve heard so many good things about Amberlough, I really need to try it. Best of luck with all of these! I might have to take a look at some of the series I still need to finish, too…


    1. I’m snowed under tbh, it’s actually a bit ridiculous. Amberlough is great; there’s no magic or anything in it, it’s more like if Cabaret was a spy thriller but in a made up world. I loved it.


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