Wyrd & Wonder May Wrap Up

Well that was an absolute blast! My first Wyrd & Wonder is over and I read some great books and met some even better people 🙂 I did have a tentative TBR I aimed to get to, which included nine books. That was kind of ambitious to begin with to be honest, as nine books... Continue Reading →

April Wrap Up

Even though Wyrd and Wonder is in full swing the regular show must go on. Except for when I didn't do a Wrap Up for March cos I was in a slump. No one ever said I was consistent. I read two books in March, one being a short story magazine and the other Karl... Continue Reading →

February Wrap Up

"A day may come when JonBob posts a monthly wrap up post on time, when he forsakes his friends and breaks all bonds of fellowship to write that damn post when it's due - but it is not this day!" To be fair this makes it sound like I'm some kind of social butterfly with... Continue Reading →

October Wrap Up and November TBR

Happy weekend booklings! Spooky Season is over already but I got to read some great books in October. I devoured every book in Tade Thompson's ground-breaking WORMWOOD TRILOGY; I made progress in The Witcherverse with the second short story collection, SWORD OF DESTINY; finally read FAHRENHEIT 451 and delved into some classic horror with Stephen... Continue Reading →

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