Review: BEST SERVED COLD by Joe Abercrombie

Hahaaaa I love this book! There's nothing more satisfying than a good revenge plot. Mix that with some top notch grimdark characters where no one is really in the right, add a smattering of Abercrombie's trademark cynicism and some good old-fashioned violence and you've got yourself a story! As the more discerning among you have... Continue Reading →

End Of The Year Book Tag

I just saw this tag on Imyril's blog There's Always Room For One More and thought it looked like fun. I don't often do tags and this is a very spur of the moment post, so strap in for some slapdash writing and poorly thought out answers. Is there a book that you started that... Continue Reading →

Reading Update 19/12/2020

Hello bookwyrms, nice to see you all again and nice of you to check in and have a look see what I'm reading at the mo. You might notice a bit of a theme in the books featured today. They're all a bit grim and a bit dark. Grimdark if you will. That's because I've... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading Update 25/06/2020

Welcome to Wednesday bookwyrms. Usually I do these weekly updates on a Wednesday (though I have on occasion been known to be less than consistent) but today is a day late simply cos it was so hot yesterday I felt like I was melting unless I was sat in my garden with a big ol'... Continue Reading →

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