Review: SPIFFING by Tim Mendees

Spiffing is a fun little cosmic horror novella about Bertram 'Bertie' Lexington-Brown, a quirky, rich businessman with a fascination for the macabre. Old cursed necklaces, crystals supposedly housing the imprisoned essence of antediluvian demigods, that sort of thing. His latest acquisition is the sarcophagus of an ancient and, up until now, mythological Egyptian priest who... Continue Reading →

Review: THE MOLD FARMER by Rick Claypool

I've read some really great books since deciding to actively delve into the small press world, and Rick Claypool's The Mold Farmer is an imaginatively sinister, outside-the-box, weird little novella I'm super glad I discovered. Pitched as a story of cosmic claustrophobia and workplace survival horror, it's the story of Thorner, an everyday family man... Continue Reading →

10 Small Press Books on my TBR

This is a post that does exactly what it says on the tin. But it also serves as my official announcement post that Parsecs & Parchment is reorienting! That's right bookwyrms, going forward I've decided I want to be championing and talking about and celebrating the diverse array of small press books out there. The... Continue Reading →

Hey! Watcha Readin’: Apex Special

Happy Sunday booklings! Welcome back for another weekly update. I'm still reading my way through the HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy and continuing with the DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT readalong, so this week I'm gonna shift focus a bit and talk about some books I'm really excited to read from small press Apex Publications. This post... Continue Reading →

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