Weekly Reading Update 25/06/2020

Welcome to Wednesday bookwyrms. Usually I do these weekly updates on a Wednesday (though I have on occasion been known to be less than consistent) but today is a day late simply cos it was so hot yesterday I felt like I was melting unless I was sat in my garden with a big ol'... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading Update 17/06/2020

Welcome to Wednesday bookwyrms. I didn't have a weekly update last week cos I'd been moving house, so honestly just hadn't got much reading done. I'm on a novella-reading binge at the moment though and can I just say how happy I am that the novella is is making a comeback. Especially in genre fiction,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading Update 03/06/2020

Welcome to Wednesday bookwyrms. I haven't actually got any fiction to talk about this week. I'm sure everyone reading this is aware of the massive rebellion that's broken out in the USA in response to the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week and the subsequent declaration of war by the police on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading Update 27/05/2020

Welcome to Wednesday bookwyrms. The more discerning and long-reading among you may have noticed that I've dropped the Hey! Watcha Readin' tagline from today's post. That's because I realised I was referencing something that a lot of you probably aren't familiar with, and even if you are the reference isn't particularly obvious haha. Anyone familiar... Continue Reading →

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