Wyrd & Wonder May Wrap Up

Well that was an absolute blast! My first Wyrd & Wonder is over and I read some great books and met some even better people 🙂 I did have a tentative TBR I aimed to get to, which included nine books. That was kind of ambitious to begin with to be honest, as nine books... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading Update 27/05/2020

Welcome to Wednesday bookwyrms. The more discerning and long-reading among you may have noticed that I've dropped the Hey! Watcha Readin' tagline from today's post. That's because I realised I was referencing something that a lot of you probably aren't familiar with, and even if you are the reference isn't particularly obvious haha. Anyone familiar... Continue Reading →

Review: JADE WAR by Fonda Lee

This book. Is a masterpiece. Hands down some of the best fiction I've ever read in my life. JADE WAR is the second book in Fonda Lee's The Green Bone Saga, a family drama and gangland fantasy epic that began with Jade City. There'll be no overt spoilers in this review, but if you haven't... Continue Reading →

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