Reading Update 07/04/2021

Good afternoon bookwyrms, hope you're all doing well. It's been a canny while since I've done one of these reading updates! Usually I write them up often enough to catch every book I read so I'm sad that little run has come to an end, but I've read too many in the intervening period to... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Yaroslav Barsukov

Yaroslav Barsukov is the Nebula-nominated author of Tower of Mud and Straw, the new genre-defying novella from Metaphorosis books (though with a heavy element of gaslamp fantasy in this humble reviewer's opinion). Described as 'a Tower of Babel story with a hero haunted by his fate', it tells the tale of Shae Ashcroft, a disgraced... Continue Reading →

Reading Update 12/01/2021

Why oh why did I have to set myself Things To Do when it comes to reading? That review-a-day thing I'm planning for Wyrd & Wonder? Yeah I'm gonna have to get my read on if I'm to get up to speed with that. Of course this was always predictable for a committed mood reader... Continue Reading →

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